Huel Cox, when you leave this world, you want to have made a difference and know that with others, as commented as me, we will be building a legacy that will thrive perpetually through our children’s children that will affect the global masses in an extraordinarily positive way. And we all could be a part of this phenomenal opportunity. I have built a multimillion-dollar business that was limited in its reach and helped thousands of families directly. Once I left the business, my daughter took over and will pass the business to another family member. All my children learned the concept of personal financial security from just being around the business, and now they are of service to their family and friends, causing the perpetual expansion of financial knowledge. Now I have an opportunity to join a team that’s focused on solutions to our energy crisis and includes a focus on all communities by allowing ordinary people to be a part of the business. The business involves creating solar energy with little or no carbon footprint. Through everyone doing a little, we can make a significant difference in the health and outlook of our society. This is an opportunity to be part of the solution. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and do nothing we have