Our community is a diverse of group engineers, doctors, lawyers, contractors all of which have lots of experience in the energy sector and have now offered advisement on how we can do this properly. Once we bring the first Energy Plant online, the game plan will be shared so that any execution team can form within the Energy Fund in a decentralized manner to request from the treasury to reproduce the process. If we fail to acquire a store in 1.5 years, your contribution is refundable (minus any treasury expenditures to date).

Increase awareness Inform individuals and communities of ongoing issues needing immediate attention Produce #trulygreenenergysolutions Install solar photovoltaic in select areas that do not require additional land use or destruction of land occupied by animals or humans. Expand the business create a reproducible framework for community governance to influence environmental improvements or expansions

Meet the team

Manuel Jones, DO

President and CEO

Huel Cox


Lawrence Barnes

VP of Operations

Kevin Dyer

VP of Sales

Manuel Jones

Director Business Outreach